Large electronic displays become more and more important and irreplaceable in new millennium. Because of its optical

characteristics as well as long life time of LED lamps (more than 200.000 working hours) the possibility of their use is really wide.

For example:

Large LED displays on sport stadiums and sport halls

Large LED displays on urban squares and streets for displaying commercial messages

Mobile LED displays mounted on various vehicles

LED displays in shopping and business centers, fairs, crowded places, airports, train and bus station, banks, stock markets etc.


Advanced Multi color LED displays with 32 bits technology and more than 4,3 billion colors.

Basic colors: RED and GREEN with 65536 gradients each.

Displays more than 4,3 billion colors, but white, blue, violet and cyan are not possible.

High intensity LEDs and High quality picture under direct sunlight.

Displays can be produced in any sizes (from 2-1000 m2)

Multi-color LED with Water Clear Lens Type

Rectangular Common Cathode Multi-color LED Lamp, Measuring 2.0 x 5.0mm


5W Power Multi-Color LED, Available in Cool White, Red, Green and Blue Colors


PC Flashing Beaker Blink Mug with 19cm Height, Multi-color LED and 1,400mL Capacity

Fashionable Dazzling LED Sticks Flashing Light with Multi-color LED’s


USB Music Santa with Built-in Multi-color LED, Suitable for Home and office Use

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