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Design Stone EPS Foam SignsDeSign Stone Expanded Polystyrene Monument Signs System
Manufacturing excellence produces superior quality signage. Our DeSign Stone product is fabricated using high-density polystyrene supported by an internal aluminum uniframe foundation and a hard shell latex exterior. The uniframe construction adds stability and durability while the hard-shell exterior seals out the elements.
We offer a large selection of interchangeable component parts that allow the user maximum flexibility when designing signs. Our product gives you the versatility to easily create your own monumental sign without the wait or expense associated with custom sign design. Our innovative manufacturing process keeps our price reasonable and makes hundreds of thousands of monument sign configurations available to ship in one week.
Assembly and Installation Instructions! Assembly and Installation Instructions

DeSign Stone 8 Standards

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DeSign Stone Colors

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Marble Texture Samples Faux Tile and Textures Faux Stone Textures Faux Brick Textures






Business Signs
Church Signs
Community Entrance Signs
Multi-Tennant Signs
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Model 1Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 2Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 3Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 4Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 5Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 12Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 17Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF
Model 18Assembly and Installation Instructions!PDF

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