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There are a number of types of touch screen technology:


A resistive touch screen panel is composed of several layers. The most important are two thin metallic electrically conductive and resistive layers separated by thin space. When some object touches this kind of touch panel, the layers are connected at certain point; the panel then electrically acts similar to two voltage dividers with connected outputs. This causes a change in the electrical current which is registered as a touch event and sent to the controller for processing. When measuring press force, it is useful to add resistor dependent on force in this model -- between the dividers.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

Surface Acoustic Wave technology uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the touch screen panel. When the panel is touched, a portion of the wave is absorbed. This change in the ultrasonic waves registers the position of the touch event and sends this information to the controller for processing. Surface wave touch screen panels can be damaged by outside elements. Contaminants on the surface can also interfere with the functionality of the touchscreen.


A capacitive touch screen panel is coated with a material, typically indium tin oxide that conducts a continuous electrical current across the sensor. The sensor therefore exhibits a precisely controlled field of stored electrons in both the horizontal and vertical axes - it achieves capacitance. The human body is also an electrical device which has stored electrons and therefore also exhibits capacitance. When the sensor's 'normal' capacitance field (its reference state) is altered by another capacitance field, i.e., someone's finger, electronic circuits located at each corner of the panel measure the resultant 'distortion' in the sine wave characteristics of the reference field and send the information about the event to the controller for mathematical processing. Capacitive sensors can either be touched with a bare finger or with a conductive device being held by a bare hand. Capacitive touch screens are not affected by outside elements and have high clarity, but their complex signal processing electronics increase their cost.


An infraed touch screen panel employs one of two very different methods. One method used thermal induced changes of the surface resistance. This method was sometimes slow and required warm hands. Another method is an array of vertical and horizontal IR sensors that detected the interruption of a modulated light beam near the surface of the screen. IR touch screens have the most durable surfaces and are used in many military applications that require a touch panel display.

Strain Gauge

In a strain gauge configuration the screen is spring mounted on the four corners and strain gauges are used to determine deflection when the screen is touched. This technology can also measure the Z-axis. Typically used in exposed public systems such as ticket machines due to their resistance to vandalism.

Optical Imaging

A relatively-modern development in touch screen technology, two or more image sensors are placed around the edges (mostly the corners) of the screen. Infrared backlights are placed in the camera's field of view on the other sides of the screen. A touch shows up as a shadow and each pair of cameras can then be triangulated to locate the touch. This technology is growing in popularity, due to its scalability, versatility, and affordability, especially for larger units.

Dispersive Signal Technology

Introduced in 2002, this system uses sensors to detect the mechanical energy in the glass that occur due to a touch. Complex algorithms then interpret this information and provide the actual location of the touch. The technology claims to be unaffected by dust and other outside elements, including scratches. Since there is no need for additional elements on screen, it also claims to provide excellent optical clarity. Also, since mechanical vibrations are used to detect a touch event, any object can be used to generate these events, including fingers and styli. A downside is that after the initial touch the system cannot detect a motionless finger.

Acoustic Pulse Recognition

This system uses more than two piezoelectric transducers located at some positions of the screen to turn the mechanical energy of a touch (vibration) into an electronic signal. This signal is then converted into an audio file, and then compared to preexisting audio profile for every position on the screen. This system works without a grid of wires running through the screen, the touch screen itself is actually pure glass, giving it the optics and durability of the glass out of which it is made. It works with scratches and dust on the screen, and accuracy is very good. It does not need a conductive object to activate it. It is a major advantage for larger displays. As with the Dispersive Signal Technology system, after the initial touch this system cannot detect a motionless finger.

Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

This optical system works by using the principle of total internal reflection to fill a refractive medium with light. When a finger or other soft object is pressed against the surface, the internal reflection light path is interrupted, making the light reflect outside of the medium and thus visible to a camera behind the medium.[1]

Graphics tablet/screen hybrid technique

This new technique is definitionally not really a touchscreen, but has the same properties, in addition to having much more accuracy. It is a graphics tablet that incorporates an LCD into the tablet itself, allowing the user to draw directly "on" the display surface. It should not be mixed up with tablet pc hybrids.
Crazy Touch Screen Video
Sony Touch 


Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing



One of the most popular large format printing product we print is banners which we print on a variety of materials. Using up-to-date technology, we’re able to print small banners for indoor advertising to extra large banners used for outdoor purposes like billboards or store identity. If you are looking for high impact and longevity Sign 2000 is your solution.



Buses and bus stops, taxi’s, vans, vehicles, planes or submarines, we can print on an assortment of self-adhesive vinyls that t your budget and desired impact.

Trade Show

Trade Show

Sign 2000 features a wide variety of trade show displays and exhibit displays in sizes ranging from tabletop displays to very large custom displays and packages, panel systems, banner stands, exhibition furniture, lighting & cases.


Point of Purchase

We are experts at printing on everything including Plastic, Foam, Canvas, Paper, Backlit, Static Cling, Aluminum, Wood and many other materials. With factors like location, application and duration, choosing the right material could make or break your next campaign. Our expert staff of print solution specialists will assist you in deciding what product solution is right for your particular needs.



If you can think it up, we can probably print it. If you are promoting a new store or just attract more customers, signs have always been the way to stand out. We're able to print your sign directly on your choice of materials and cut it to the shape you want.


Wall Murals

Wall murals are the fastest growing application in the industry. Graphics applied directly to a wall or ceiling are giving corporations the impact they're looking for. Dynamite Digital can take your digital file and convert it into a larger-than-life mural. Depending on your needs, murals can made virtually any size and can be applied to various surfaces, such as painted drywall, metal, plastic, etc. Our materials can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Various materials are suitable for mural applications, based on factors such as type of surface, length of use, outdoor or indoor etc. We also install, so be sure to get a quote from us.


Fine Art Prints

Our highest quality art prints are printed on acid-free, heavy rag papers or canvas. The Hewlett Packard 6-color pigment based ink systems is rated to last approximately 75 years against fading, depending on the ink and paper combination. We produce fine art prints and photographs that are suitable for gallery exhibitions and sales to collectors.


Event Signage

There's no event too small or too large that we can't handle. Product launches, Corporate events, Corporate parties, out of town meetings, we're hear to help.are looking for high impact and longevity sign2000 is your solution.


Trade Show

Sign 2000 features a wide variety of trade show displays and exhibit displays in sizes ranging from tabletop displays to very large custom displays and packages, panel systems, banner stands, exhibition furniture, lighting & cases.


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Neon Signs

"Let there be light" is what we at Signs of 2000 like to say. Neon signs are possibly the most well known of all signs, it's not just a business, it's an art form. Getting your business name immortalized in neon is like getting your portrait taken.
Requiring both skill and talent, the outcome of Neon is unmistakable. Since we can mold neon into virtually any shape or size, you always get exactly what you ask for


For channel letters and signage requiring super-bright whites and brilliant colors, specify the C.L. Designer® series


This newest generation of neon tubing from EGL is an outcome of recent advances in television screen technology that utilize the brilliant picture quality you enjoy today. Research revealed that rare earth chemicals incorporated in phosphor coatings emit extremely narrow bandwidths of light (significant because of the narrower the bandwidth, the brighter, purer, and more vivid the light emission – the wider the bandwidth, the dimmer and more washed-out.)

Rare-earth phosphors were also found to maintain their purity and high output levels far longer than conventional phosphors, offering superior performance on all counts. EGL has combined the latest in rare-earth phosphor technology with over 70 years of experience in neon tube making to create an entirely new generation of ultra-high performance neon tubing- C.L. Designer® series. Available in a range of nine whites and six colors, C.L. Designer® tubing is the ideal alternative to conventional neon for channel letter applications for major reasons:

– 25 to 300 percent higher output significantly boosts the brilliance and visibility of all rigid and vinyl plastic channel letter fascia colors – including blues and greens that were previously difficult to illuminate. Higher output can also allow the number of tubing runs to be reduced, cutting material and labor costs significantly. – Superior color purity and accuracy enable channel letters to match corporate color schemes with unmatched precision and consistency. – Enhanced color stability and resistance to staining and output depreciation keep channel letters looking brighter and more colorful significantly longer than letters containing conventional neon tubing.

– Super-bright C.L. Designer® color tubing boosts the vividness and intensity of colored plastic fascias for far beyond that of conventional white tubing.

– The blending of three rare-earth phosphors to produce each brilliant shade of white creates a range of cool-to-warm variants, allowing fine tuning of the illuminated plastic fascia colors to match corporate color schemes precisely.

While the outstanding properties of C.L. Designer® tubing make it particularly suitable for channel letter applications, it is equally desirable for open neon signage and architectural lighting requiring super-bright whites, brilliant colors, and long-term color accuracy. It processes as easily as conventional phosphor-coated tubing and is available in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 18mm diameters.

Whites available: C.L. Designer® 24, C.L. Designer® 28, C.L. Designer® 30, C.L. Designer® 35, C.L. Designer® 41, C.L. Designer® 45, C.L. Designer® 65, C.L. Designer® 71, C.L. Designer® 83

Rare-Earths available: Horizon Blue, Tropic Green, Coral Pink, Seacrest, Flamingo

Channel letters illuminated with C.L. Designer® tubing (right) produce significantly more light and truer whites than conventional tubing (left) which emits a bluish cast and alters the color of the plastic fascia

Using colored rare-earth tubing behind colored plastic fascias produces signage that is not only brighter but more vivid and pure than signage illuminated with conventional white tubing. Compare identical blue plastic fascia colors illuminated by conventional white tubing (left) and EGL’s Horizon Blue (right).

C.L. Designer® tubing (right) is so bright, single runs can often be used instead of double runs of conventional white tubing (left), saving material and labor costs while eliminating the bluish cast of conventional white tubing

Identical green plastic fascias illuminated by EGL’s rare-earth Tropic Green neon tubing (right) are significantly brighter and more vivid than fascias illuminated by conventional white tubing (left).

C.L. Designer® Selection Guide

Plastic Color Rohm & Hass Color # Cyro Color # Conventional Color C.L. Designer®/Rare Earth Color Advantages of C.L. Designer®/Rare Earth
White 7328 015-2 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer® 71 or 83 60% Brighter
Blue 2114 605-0 6500 Snowhite or E-40 Blue Horizon Blue 125% Brighter than 6500; 25% brighter than e-40 with enhanced color stability
Blue 2050 606-0 6500 Snowhite or E-40 Blue Horizon Blue 150% Brighter than 65--; 35% brighter and E-40 with enhanced color stability
Green 2108 507-0 6500 Snowhite or E-10 Green Tropic Green 300% Brighter than 6500; 25% brighter than E-10 with enhanced color stability
Green 2030 506-0 6500 Snowhite or E-10 Green Tropic Green 150% Brighter than 6500; Slightly brighter than E-10 green with enhanced color stability
Yellow 2037 407-2 3500, 4500 white or 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer®28 or 65 90% Brighter
Orange 2119 303-0 6500 Snowhite Coral Pink 300% Brighter than 6500 Snowhite
Ivory 2146 047-2 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer® 28, 35, or 65 60% Brighter
Black/White 3063 1124-1 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designter® 71 or 83 35% Brighter

C.L. Designer® Light Output (Lumens Per Foot)

Tubing Color Degrees

Color Chart
neon color chart

EGL Neon Color Chart

EGL C.L. Designer® White Colors

C.L. Designer® 83 – Cool Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 45 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 30 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 71 – Cool Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 41 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 28 – Soft Warm Tone with Excellent Rendition

C.L. Designer® 65 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 35 – Rare-Earth, Close to the Color of Halogen Lighting

C.L. Designer® 24

C.L. Designer® 24 – Warm Incandescent Tone

EGL Accuwall Colors

Coated Emerald Green/Ar – Vibrant Concentrated Rich Green

Coated Bromo Blue/Ar – Intense Concentrated Blue

Tangerine/Ar – Vibrant Reddish Orange

S-81 Noviol Gold – Medium Yellow

Apple Green/Ar – Vibrant Candy Apple Green

Coated Ruby Red/Ar – True Deep Intense Red

P-73 Noviol Gold/Ar – True Gold

E-50 Noviol Gold – Bright Yellow

Coated Aquamarine – Fully Saturated Rich Aqua

Coated Orange/Ar – Poweful Deep Orange Intense Color

Casino Gold

E-60 Casino Gold – Bright Rich Gold

Bromo Purple – Deep Rich Purple

EGL Colors

8300 Brite White



Tropic Green – Rare Earth

E-40 Blue

Clear Brite Yellow II – Double Coat

Coral Pink

E-30 Snowhite


E-3000 Warm White

Seacrest – Rare Earth

HP Neo Blue – Double Coat

Tropic Yellow II


6500 Snowhite


Casino Gold

VP Green II – Double Coat

E-10 Green

Horizon Blue – Rare Earth

New Clear Gold – Double Coat

E-10 Green/Ne – Amber

*Color accuracy is subject to the limitations of your computer monitor.

Always use pumped samples for accurate color matches.





Added dimension and colors enhance our inlaid signs

Effective & Everlasting

The unique inlaid signs process creates a maintenance-free sign that wilt last... and last ... and last.

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This is the least expensive sign you will purchase - because you will never replace it due to fading, chipping, peeling, splitting, cracking or staining

Our unique process inlays text and graphics, assuring you a maintenance-free, great looking sign!

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We've eliminated:

Fading - Peeling - Discoloring - Stains - Mildew - Graffiti - Cracks - Chips - Insect Damage - Water - Paints and vinyl peel - Swells and rots.


Texture & Sign Columns



  • Look and Feel of Real Stone.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete Construction.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame.
  • Easy Column Installation - J-bolt to Standard Concrete Footing. Limestone Sign Columns
  • In Stock for Immediate Shipping.
  • Manageable Weight - No Heavy Equipment Required.
  • Multi-purpose Use - Fencing, Gates, Signs, Lighting, Mailboxes, Garden, Barriers....

Foam Signs

Foam Signs Foam SignsFoam Signs Foam Signs

Foam Signs Foam Signs


  1. Core of structure is molded expanded polystyrene, 1#C.F.
  2. Aromatic fast cure urethane, impact resistant, hard coat finish
  3. Finished surface is 100% aggregated acrylic
  4. 3" or 4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe is bonded into center
    of structure.
  5. Steel pipe is inserted into structure on site during installation and secured with expanding polymeric resin foam
  6. Concrete footing as required by local code, post must typically extend 2′-4′ into concrete


  • DURABILITY- Hardcoat second to none- Highly impact, insect, and weather resistant. Ask for our durability sample, the "Hammer Sample"- a piece of foam trim sprayed with our plastic hardcoat.
  • VERSATILITY- We build Custom designs, our Standard Model Designs, and Modified Standard Model Designs built to Any Dimension. Incorporate Iluminated Cabinets, all types of Sign and Tenant Panels, Stud-Mounted Letters, or let us Raise or Recess your graphics for you. Your choice of colors.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Affordable Pricing
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Two Simple Ground Mount Systems, Signs relatively lightweight.
  • EASY TO SELL - We help you sell- Free marketing material (CD, Standard Model Drawings, Color Charts, and Brochures) and support, unmatched customer service.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Quick quotes, Experienced Staff- Do not hesitate to give us a call.
  • DELIVERY – 3 manufacturing facilities for convenient low cost shipping rates. Tyrone, GA – Allentown, PA – Clifton, NJ

Foamcraft Model 1Foamcraft Model 1

Shape 1

Foamcraft Model 2Foamcraft Model 2

Shape 2

Foamcraft Model 3Foamcraft Model 3

Shape 3

Foamcraft Model 4Foamcraft Model 4

Shape 4

Foamcraft Model 5Foamcraft Model 5

Shape 5

Foamcraft Model 6Foamcraft Model 6

Shape 6

Foamcraft Model 7Foamcraft Model 7

Shape 7

Foamcraft Model 8Foamcraft Model 8

Shape 8

Foamcraft Model 9Foamcraft Model 9

Shape 9

Foamcraft Model 10Foamcraft Model 10

Shape 10

Foamcraft Model 11Foamcraft Model 11

Shape 11

Foamcraft Model 12Foamcraft Model 12

Shape 12

Foamcraft Model 13Foamcraft Model 13

Shape 13

Foamcraft Model 14Foamcraft Model 14

Shape 14

Foamcraft Model 15Foamcraft Model 15

Shape 15

Foamcraft Model 16Foamcraft Model 16

Shape 16

Foamcraft Model 17Foamcraft Model 17

Shape 17

Foamcraft Model 18Foamcraft Model 18

Shape 18

Foamcraft Model 19Foamcraft Model 19

Shape 19

Foamcraft Model 20Foamcraft Model 20

Shape 20

Foamcraft Model 21Foamcraft Model 21

Shape 21

Foamcraft Model 22Foamcraft Model 22

Shape 22

Foamcraft Model 23Foamcraft Model 23

Shape 23

Foamcraft Model 24Foamcraft Model 24

Shape 24

Foamcraft Model 25Foamcraft Model 25

Shape 25

Foamcraft Model 26Foamcraft Model 26

Shape 26

Foamcraft Model 27Foamcraft Model 27

Shape 27

Foamcraft Model 28Foamcraft Model 28

Shape 28

Foamcraft Model 29Foamcraft Model 29

Shape 29

Foamcraft Model 30Foamcraft Model 30

Shape 30

Foamcraft Model 31Foamcraft Model 31

Shape 31

Foamcraft Model 32Foamcraft Model 32

Shape 32

Foamcraft Model 33Foamcraft Model 33

Shape 33

Foamcraft Model 34Foamcraft Model 34

Shape 34

Foamcraft Model 35Foamcraft Model 35

Shape 35

Foamcraft Model 36Foamcraft Model 36

Shape 36

Foamcraft Model 37Foamcraft Model 36

Shape 37

Foamcraft Model 38Foamcraft Model 38

Shape 38

Foamcraft Model 39Foamcraft Model 39

Shape 39

Foamcraft Model 40Foamcraft Model 40

Shape 40

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation – prefabricated, no site mess or weather delays.
  • Better looking – no exposed seams or fasteners, no "oil canning" as
    is likely with aluminum or plastic signs. Durable – Time proven fade
    resistant finish, weather and insect proof.
  • Easily repaired if unlikely damage occurs.
  • Easily transported due to low weight and removable mounting posts.
  • Standard models available for simple design & layout.
  • Custom models available and welcome.
    We also fabricate custom caps, columns, bases, pole covers & architectural


  • Mounting is to be "Direct Burial" method of installation. PVC
    post sleeves are embedded into the sign core to allow steel mounting
    posts to slide in place just prior to mounting. Note: Steel posts are
    not included.


  • Step#1: Determine placement of sign and location of mounting holes.
  • Step#2: Utilize post hole diggers or auger drill, dig two holes, depth
    as required.
  • Step#3: Place steel posts into sleeves into bottom of sign, spray expanding
    polymeric resin foam into gap around post.
  • Step#4: Place a couple of
    cinder blocks or any other "spacer device" on ground beside
  • Step#5: Place sign onto blocks, placing post in the holes.
  • Step#6: Mix concrete according to directions on bag and pour into holes.
  • Step#7: Remove spacer blocks and allow sign to rest on ground.
  • Step#8: Level sign, clean up any debris, you’re finished!

Metal & Aluminum

HED-100 Product Information

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumThe HED-100 post and panel system features a beveled picture
style frame that carries a single message panel. The frame
assembly slides into slotted 2-1/4" x 3" standard
rectangular mounting posts or optional radius posts. Both
post styles can carry the frame flush or with a 1/2" reveal.
Concealed locking squares hold the frame securely in place.

Our one panel all aluminum sign systems are designed to
offer strong visual impact in a non-illuminated format. They
provide small to mid-size signs intended for primary and
secondary site identification, directional and informational
applications. These signs are available in double post,
flag, ceiling, and wall mount configurations. Standard
finish is duranodic bronze, custom colors are available.


 HED 225 Product Information

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumThe HED-225 post and
double panel system features a 2-1/4" cabinet style frame that attaches
two panels with no visible retainers and no exposed fasteners for a frameless appearance. A 2" polystyrene core is chemically bonded to the panels for increased strength and durability. The frame assembly slides into slotted 2-1/4" square posts which carry the frame flush or with a
1/2" reveal. Concealed locking squares hold the frame secure.

Our two panel all aluminum sign systems are designed to offer enhanced
visual impact in a sturdy, dimensional non-illuminated format. They
provide small to large size signs intended for primary and secondary
site identification, directional and informational applications. These
signs are available in double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount
configurations. Standard finish is duranodic bronze, custom colors are

 Wordbar Signage

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumWordbars allow multiple listings to
be organized as individual stacking units that can be easily removed or
replaced in the future. A specially designed two part mounting
extrusion with removable fasteners makes for quick and easy changes to
all wordbars regardless of size or placement on the sign. Wordbars are
constructed of a 2-1/4", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 15", or 18" high bar
extrusion carried on two end cap mounting extrusions. All wordbars are
2-1/4" wide and slide into our slotted 2-1/4" x 3" standard rectangular
posts or 2" x 3" radius posts and can also be used with our corner and
double slot mounting posts. Wordbars mount to the various posts with a
flush or 1/2" reveal and are held in place with concealed locking

The E-Z Change Wordbar signage system provides an ideal
means for conveying secondary site identification, directions and
information. The all aluminum system is designed to carry two sides of
copy and is comprised of wordbars and mounting posts of various styles
and functions. Standard finish for wordbars and mounting posts is
duranodic bronze. Custom colors are also available.

 Pylon Signage

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumThe HED P-20 combines radius edge
extrusions of heavy gauge aluminum with .125" aluminum panels to create
two-sided, freestanding, vertical and low-profile pylon signs. Standard
signs are 14" to 18" deep, include a 6" high, recessed, aluminum
skirted base, and offer custom options for horizontal and vertical
reveals. Fluorescent lamps provide uniform illumination.

Our Pylon sign systems create unique and attractive illuminated and
non-illuminated signage with monolithic styling for primary site
identification, directions and information. Pylon signs feature clean
edge treatments and countersunk fasteners. Removable access panels with
countersunk fasteners are built in to accommodate the maintenance of
lighting components. U.L. inspection and documentation is available on
request. Standard finish is duranodic bronze. Custom colors are

 DSS 75 and 125 Wall Mounted Specialty Signs

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumThe DSS-75 and DSS-125 are designed for vandal resistant, non-illuminated,
wall mounted signage for interior and exterior site identification and
directional applications. They are an ideal choice for parking
facilities, hospitals, airports, universities, and business/industrial
complexes. Standard color is duranodic bronze. Custom colors are

Wall mount signs can provide clear and concise directions to clients in or outside your business location.

DSS signs are installed from the interior of the sign structure for a clean
professional appearance and optimum vandal resistance. The frame locks
together with corner keys and once it is secured to the wall surface,
the message panel is installed, concealing the fasteners. This approach
makes DSS signs a viable choice in high traffic, low security areas.

HED I-10 Product Information

Metal & Aluminum Metal & Aluminum

The HED I-10 system is primarily designed for signs with two illuminated polycarbonate faces or illuminated signs with sign frames having radius tops or radius corners. The system features a 10" wide heavy gauge, extruded aluminum cabinet style frame with two adjustable retainers. The frame locks together with corner keys and the retainers attach to the cabinet with a seamless appearance allowing for the use of .080" to .250" face material. Mounting extrusions attach to the frame allow-ing it to slide into slotted 3" x 7" rectangular or 4" x 7" radius posts and are held in place with concealed locking squares. Both post styles offer an adjustable reveal of 1/4", 1/2" or to carry the frame flush.

The HED I-70 and HED I-10 systems provide vivid illuminated signage with strong visual impact for primary and secondary site identification, directions and information. They are also ideal for non-illuminated signs where greater visual emphasis is essential. The I-70 and I-10 systems are adaptable as post and panel, wall mounted, and pylon illuminated signs with internal mounting posts. U.L. inspected illuminated signs are available on request. Standard finish is duranodic bronze, custom colors are also available.



 HED I-12 Product Information

Metal & Aluminum Metal & AluminumThe HED I-12 system
features a 12" wide heavy gauge, extruded aluminum cabinet style frame
and hinged faces for easy access to the electrical components. The
sturdy aluminum frame is constructed of a main body extrusion and two
retainers which form a double reveal around the cabinet. The .125" face
material is inset 1/2" from the front of the retainers. Aluminum
mounting extrusions attach to the sides of the frame allowing it to
slide into 3" x 7" rectangular posts or 4" x 7" radius posts. Both post
styles allow for an adjustable reveal of 1/2", 1/4" or to carry the
frame flush. For increased design potential, the system offers optional
construction with flush faces, 6" x 12" radius post covers, full round
post covers below the frame, and signs with internal posts and skirted

Create visual impact for primary and secondary site
identification, directions and information. The system is also ideal
for non-illuminated signs where greater visual emphasis is essential.
The I-12 system is adaptable for post and panel, wall mounted, and
pylon signs with internal mounting posts. U.L. inspected signs are
available on request. Standard finish is duranodic bronze, custom
colors are also available.