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“Let there be light” is what we at Signs of 2000 like to say. Neon signs are possibly the most well known of all signs, it’s not just a business, it’s an art form. Getting your business name immortalized in neon is like getting your portrait taken.
Requiring both skill and talent, the outcome of Neon is unmistakable. Since we can mold neon into virtually any shape or size, you always get exactly what you ask for


For channel letters and signage requiring super-bright whites and brilliant colors, specify the C.L. Designer® series


This newest generation of neon tubing from EGL is an outcome of recent advances in television screen technology that utilize the brilliant picture quality you enjoy today. Research revealed that rare earth chemicals incorporated in phosphor coatings emit extremely narrow bandwidths of light (significant because of the narrower the bandwidth, the brighter, purer, and more vivid the light emission – the wider the bandwidth, the dimmer and more washed-out.)

Rare-earth phosphors were also found to maintain their purity and high output levels far longer than conventional phosphors, offering superior performance on all counts. EGL has combined the latest in rare-earth phosphor technology with over 70 years of experience in neon tube making to create an entirely new generation of ultra-high performance neon tubing- C.L. Designer® series. Available in a range of nine whites and six colors, C.L. Designer® tubing is the ideal alternative to conventional neon for channel letter applications for major reasons:

– 25 to 300 percent higher output significantly boosts the brilliance and visibility of all rigid and vinyl plastic channel letter fascia colors – including blues and greens that were previously difficult to illuminate. Higher output can also allow the number of tubing runs to be reduced, cutting material and labor costs significantly. – Superior color purity and accuracy enable channel letters to match corporate color schemes with unmatched precision and consistency. – Enhanced color stability and resistance to staining and output depreciation keep channel letters looking brighter and more colorful significantly longer than letters containing conventional neon tubing.

– Super-bright C.L. Designer® color tubing boosts the vividness and intensity of colored plastic fascias for far beyond that of conventional white tubing.

– The blending of three rare-earth phosphors to produce each brilliant shade of white creates a range of cool-to-warm variants, allowing fine tuning of the illuminated plastic fascia colors to match corporate color schemes precisely.

While the outstanding properties of C.L. Designer® tubing make it particularly suitable for channel letter applications, it is equally desirable for open neon signage and architectural lighting requiring super-bright whites, brilliant colors, and long-term color accuracy. It processes as easily as conventional phosphor-coated tubing and is available in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 18mm diameters.

Whites available: C.L. Designer® 24, C.L. Designer® 28, C.L. Designer® 30, C.L. Designer® 35, C.L. Designer® 41, C.L. Designer® 45, C.L. Designer® 65, C.L. Designer® 71, C.L. Designer® 83

Rare-Earths available: Horizon Blue, Tropic Green, Coral Pink, Seacrest, Flamingo

Channel letters illuminated with C.L. Designer® tubing (right) produce significantly more light and truer whites than conventional tubing (left) which emits a bluish cast and alters the color of the plastic fascia

Using colored rare-earth tubing behind colored plastic fascias produces signage that is not only brighter but more vivid and pure than signage illuminated with conventional white tubing. Compare identical blue plastic fascia colors illuminated by conventional white tubing (left) and EGL’s Horizon Blue (right).

C.L. Designer® tubing (right) is so bright, single runs can often be used instead of double runs of conventional white tubing (left), saving material and labor costs while eliminating the bluish cast of conventional white tubing

Identical green plastic fascias illuminated by EGL’s rare-earth Tropic Green neon tubing (right) are significantly brighter and more vivid than fascias illuminated by conventional white tubing (left).

C.L. Designer® Selection Guide

Plastic Color Rohm & Hass Color # Cyro Color # Conventional Color C.L. Designer®/Rare Earth Color Advantages of C.L. Designer®/Rare Earth
White 7328 015-2 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer® 71 or 83 60% Brighter
Blue 2114 605-0 6500 Snowhite or E-40 Blue Horizon Blue 125% Brighter than 6500; 25% brighter than e-40 with enhanced color stability
Blue 2050 606-0 6500 Snowhite or E-40 Blue Horizon Blue 150% Brighter than 65–; 35% brighter and E-40 with enhanced color stability
Green 2108 507-0 6500 Snowhite or E-10 Green Tropic Green 300% Brighter than 6500; 25% brighter than E-10 with enhanced color stability
Green 2030 506-0 6500 Snowhite or E-10 Green Tropic Green 150% Brighter than 6500; Slightly brighter than E-10 green with enhanced color stability
Yellow 2037 407-2 3500, 4500 white or 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer®28 or 65 90% Brighter
Orange 2119 303-0 6500 Snowhite Coral Pink 300% Brighter than 6500 Snowhite
Ivory 2146 047-2 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designer® 28, 35, or 65 60% Brighter
Black/White 3063 1124-1 6500 Snowhite C.L. Designter® 71 or 83 35% Brighter

C.L. Designer® Light Output (Lumens Per Foot)

Tubing Color Degrees

Color Chart
neon color chart

EGL Neon Color Chart

EGL C.L. Designer® White Colors

C.L. Designer® 83 – Cool Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 45 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 30 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 71 – Cool Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 41 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 28 – Soft Warm Tone with Excellent Rendition

C.L. Designer® 65 – Rare-Earth White, Ideal for Channel Letters

C.L. Designer® 35 – Rare-Earth, Close to the Color of Halogen Lighting

C.L. Designer® 24

C.L. Designer® 24 – Warm Incandescent Tone

EGL Accuwall Colors

Coated Emerald Green/Ar – Vibrant Concentrated Rich Green

Coated Bromo Blue/Ar – Intense Concentrated Blue

Tangerine/Ar – Vibrant Reddish Orange

S-81 Noviol Gold – Medium Yellow

Apple Green/Ar – Vibrant Candy Apple Green

Coated Ruby Red/Ar – True Deep Intense Red

P-73 Noviol Gold/Ar – True Gold

E-50 Noviol Gold – Bright Yellow

Coated Aquamarine – Fully Saturated Rich Aqua

Coated Orange/Ar – Poweful Deep Orange Intense Color

Casino Gold

E-60 Casino Gold – Bright Rich Gold

Bromo Purple – Deep Rich Purple

EGL Colors

8300 Brite White



Tropic Green – Rare Earth

E-40 Blue

Clear Brite Yellow II – Double Coat

Coral Pink

E-30 Snowhite


E-3000 Warm White

Seacrest – Rare Earth

HP Neo Blue – Double Coat

Tropic Yellow II


6500 Snowhite


Casino Gold

VP Green II – Double Coat

E-10 Green

Horizon Blue – Rare Earth

New Clear Gold – Double Coat

E-10 Green/Ne – Amber

*Color accuracy is subject to the limitations of your computer monitor.

Always use pumped samples for accurate color matches.

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