Waterjet Cut Metal Letters


SIGN 2000 Letters are Guaranteed for Life.Waterjet
cut metal letters offer the combination of the precision available in a
CNC controlled 70,000 psi cutting head and the durability and
distinction of pure metal. SIGN 2000 has 4 locations across the U.S.
that can take your .EPS, .CDR or other vector based art file and use it
to carve out a design from cold rolled sheets of aluminum, brass,
bronze, copper or even stainless steel. Once cut, your order is less
than half-way through the processyour order will be hand-finished to
your specification; whether polished, anodized or even powder coated.
SIGN 2000 waterjet cut metal letters are all durable enough for
outdoors, yet perfect enough for any boardroom application.

SIGN 2000 Custom Painted Detail

Incredible Precision & Options

  • From 1/2" to 60" (or larger)metal letters & logos.
  • 8 metals, 6 gauges & 41 finishes are standard.
  • Sharp .02" inside radii on all corners.
  • Custom painting availableone or more colors.

SIGN 2000 Hot Rolled Steel Ranch Sign


Economy & Durability.

  • Endures even the harshest conditions.
  • Blemish free quality polyurethane paints or high performance powder clear coat on aluminum letters.
  • Made in USA (at a site near you) in less than 8 days.
  • All scrap is recovered for use in casting operations.

SIGN 2000 Custom Waterjet Cut ShipWhere to Use SIGN 2000 Waterjet Cut Letters and logos.

  • When an intricate metal or logo is required.
  • Virtually any business, organization or institution.
  • When brass, copper or steel is needed.
  • Under all weather and environmental conditions.
  • Indoor signage that falls under the closest scrutiny.


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